Accepting Applications for Summer Workshop in Bible and Philosophy

The Jewish Philosophical Theology project at the Herzl Institute invites applications from graduate students Read more…

Jewish-Christian Alliance: Reclaiming and Rebuilding Conservatism

The Herzl Institute and the Institute on Religion and Democracy are pleased to announce a weeklong Read more…

Council for Higher Education Approves Liberal Arts Degrees in Israel

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Rabbis, Jewish Educators Study Theology at Herzl Summer Institutes

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Yoram Hazony Discusses The Philosophy of Hebrew Scripture

In this trailer, Dr. Hazony discusses the story of Cain & Abel and posits that Abel's legacy inspired the great leaders and thinkers who built the world we live in.



Justice for All: How the Jewish Bible Revolutionized Ethics

Jeremiah Unterman
Justice for All demonstrates that the Jewish Bible, by Read more…

God and Politics in Esther

Yoram Hazony
At first glance, the biblical story of Esther seems anything Read more…
The Philosophy of Hebrew Scripture

The Philosophy of Hebrew Scripture

Yoram Hazony
What if the Hebrew Bible wasn't meant to be read as Read more…

Created Equal: How the Bible Broke With Ancient Political Thought

Joshua Berman
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Philosophy of the Law: The Political in the Torah

Shmuel Trigano
Trigano is one of the greatest Jewish philosophers and Read more…