Ofir Haivry on the Moment of Truth for the Druze

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Yoram Hazony on Jewish Conservatism

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RAND Corporation and Herzl Institute to Launch Strategic Alternatives Project for the Middle East

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The Herzl Institute Awards Twelve Fellowships in Jewish Theology

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The Impact of Jewish Ideas on the Modern West

The Impact of Jewish Ideas on the Modern West

Herzl Institute Director of Academic Programs Meirav Jones talks about her research into the influence of the Hebrew Bible and Talmud on the political thought of Early Modern writers such as Hobbes, Selden, Grotius and Locke.


The Philosophy of Hebrew Scripture

The Philosophy of Hebrew Scripture

Yoram Hazony
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Created Equal: How the Bible Broke With Ancient Political Thought

Joshua Berman
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Philosophy of the Law: The Political in the Torah

Shmuel Trigano
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