Hudson Institute Hosts Book Launch for ‘The Virtue of Nationalism’

William Galston of the Brookings Institute and Walter Russell Mead of the Hudson Institute will join Herzl Institute President Yoram Hazony for a launch event Read more…

Berman, Haivry, Unterman Author Pathbreaking 2017 Herzl Institute Books

In recent months, Herzl Institute scholars have published a series of books that will forever change how we look at the thought of the Bible and the way it has Read more…

Herzl Conference Explores: What Was ‘The Revelation at Sinai’?

The concept of torah from heaven plays a central role in Jewish theology. But what precisely does it mean to say that the Jewish torah or teaching is Read more…

Hazony CUFI Address Marks Jerusalem Unification 50th Anniversary

This summer was the 50th anniversary of the reunification of Jerusalem. Herzl Institute President Yoram Hazony appeared on a platform together with Pastor Read more…



Yoram Hazony Discusses The Philosophy of Hebrew Scripture

In this trailer, Dr. Hazony discusses the story of Cain & Abel and posits that Abel's legacy inspired the great leaders and thinkers who built the world we live in.


The Virtue of Nationalism

The Virtue of Nationalism

Yoram Hazony
Nationalism is the issue of our age. In The Virtue of Read more…

John Selden and the Western Political Tradition

Ofir Haivry
Legal and political theorist, common lawyer and parliamentary Read more…

Justice for All: How the Jewish Bible Revolutionized Ethics

Jeremiah Unterman
Justice for All demonstrates that the Jewish Bible, by Read more…
John Locke's Political Philosophy and the Hebrew Bible

John Locke's Political Philosophy and the Hebrew Bible

Yechiel Leiter
John Locke's treatises on government make frequent reference to Read more…