The Herzl Institute offers Visiting Fellowships for advanced scholars and post-doctoral students wishing to conduct studies in Jewish Philosophical Theology at the Institute’s facility in Jerusalem.


Visiting Fellows 2015-17

Craig Bartholomew, Senior Fellow (Philosophy and Theology, Redeemer University College)
James Diamond, Senior Fellow (Jewish Studies, University of Waterloo)
Lenn Goodman, Senior Fellow (Philosophy and Jewish Studies, Vanderbilt University)
Berel Dov Lerner, Senior Fellow (Philosophy, Western Galilee College)
Alan Mittleman, Senior Fellow, (Jewish Thought, Jewish Theological Seminary)
Shmuel Trigano, Senior Fellow (Philosophy, University of Paris)
Jacob Wright, Senior Fellow (Bible, Emory University)
Joshua Amaru, Post-doctoral Fellow (Jewish Thought and Philosophy, Yeshivat Eretz Hazvi)
James Arcadi, Post-doctoral Fellow (Theology, Fuller Seminary)
Melis Erdur, Post-doctoral Fellow (Philosophy, Tel-Aviv University)
Alex Sztuden, Post-doctoral Fellow (Philosophy, Independent Scholar)
Shira Weiss, Post-doctoral Fellow (Jewish Philosophy, Yeshiva University)

Visiting Fellows, 2013-2014

Edward Greenstein, Senior Fellow (Bible, Bar-Ilan University)
Melis Erdur, Post-Doctoral Fellow (Philosophy, New York University)
Anthony Bolos, Post-Doctoral Fellow (Philosophy, Edinburgh University)
Aryeh Tepper, Post-Doctoral Fellow (Jewish Thought, Hebrew University)

Visiting Fellows, 2012-2013

Dru Johnson, Senior Fellow (Bible, Kings College, New York)
Miryam Brand, Post-Doctoral Fellow (Bible, New York University)
Samuel Lebens, Post-Doctoral Fellow (Philosophy, University College, London)