Herzl Conference Explores: What Was ‘The Revelation at Sinai’?

The concept of torah from heaven plays a central role in Jewish theology. But what precisely does it mean to say that the Jewish torah or teaching is from heaven? From June 18-22, 2017, ninety scholars and advanced students gathered at the Herzl Institute’s conference to discuss “The Revelation at Sinai: What Does ‘Torah From Heaven’ Mean?” Speakers included: R. Shalom Carmy (Yeshiva University), James Diamond (University of Waterloo), Lenn E. Goodman (Vanderbilt University), R. Gil Student (Independent Scholar), Shira Weiss (The Frisch School), William J. Abraham (Southern Methodist University), and Jonathan Burnside (University of Bristol).

For two weeks around the conference, Jewish and Christian students and young PhD’s came from as far as Brazil, Korea, and China to attend the Herzl Institute’s Young Scholars Workshop, and hear lectures from senior scholars at the conference. A book based on papers from the conference is in preparation.

The conference and workshop are part of the Jewish Philosophical Theology project at the Herzl Institute, which is sponsored by the John Templeton Foundation. More details on the conference are available here: Revelation at Sinai conference website.