Summer Workshop for Undergraduates and Recent Graduates

This summer undergraduates and recent graduates will gather at the Herzl Institute in Jerusalem to study the topic, “Philosophical Investigation of the Hebrew Bible, Talmud and Midrash”. Workshop directors Yoram Hazony and Joshua Weinstein, together with other Institute scholars and invited speakers, will lead study of such questions as:

• The Bible as Philosophy?
• The Metaphysics of Hebrew Scripture
• Is the Biblical God Perfect Being?
• Human Nature as a Model for Understanding God?
• What Does it Mean for God to Speak?
• Natural Law and Human Flourishing in Hebrew Scripture
• Why Did God Want to be King Over Israel?

Workshop dates: July 27-August1, 2014.

The Workshop will be hosted by the Jewish Philosophical Theology Project at the Herzl Institute. For more information and in order to apply visit the Bible-Philos Jewish Philosophical Theology website.