​The Herzl Institute co-sponsors​ ​”The National Conservatism Conference: The Future of the Nation-State in Europe”

Almost overnight, the liberalism that held sway since the Second World War has been challenged by a progressive, cultural neo-Marxism making a bid to capture leading institutions on both sides of the Atlantic. At the same time, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine threatens to upend the post-war order in Europe and beyond, adding to the challenges posed by open hostility of the Chinese regime, a geopolitical rival largely built by the U.S. over the past three decades. For some time now, we’ve witnessed the European Union usurp the authority of its sovereign member states and use the power of the purse to exact political and ideological compliance in areas such as energy security, social policy, and immigration.

An impressive array of public figures from across the European Union, United Kingdom, America, Israel, and other countries will meet to chart a new course for the international conservative movement at the second European National Conservatism Conference, to be held from March 23-24 in Brussels.

The conference will be sponsored by the Common Sense Society (US), Danube Institute (Hungary), Disenso Fudacion (Spain), Edmund Burke Foundation (US),  European Conservative, Herzl Institute (Israel), Mathias Corvinus Collegium (Hungary), Nazione Futura (Italy), New Direction (Belgium).

The conference website can be seen here.