Ofir Haivry on the Good Faith Effort podcast

Dr. Ofir Haivry joined Rabbi Dr. Ari Lamm’s Good Faith Effort podcast to discuss John Selden and “How The Talmud Saved The West.”

​The Herzl Institute co-sponsors​ ​”The National Conservatism Conference: The Future of the Nation-State in Europe”

Almost overnight, the liberalism that held sway since the Second World War has been challenged by a progressive, cultural neo-Marxism making a bid to capture leading institutions on both sides of the Atlantic. At the same time, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine threatens to upend the post-war order in Europe and beyond, adding to the challenges posed by open hostility of the Chinese regime, a geopolitical rival largely built by the U.S. over the past three decades. For some time now, we’ve witnessed the European Union usurp the authority of its sovereign member states and use the power of the purse to exact political and ideological compliance in areas such as energy security, social policy, and immigration.

An impressive array of public figures from across the European Union, United Kingdom, America, Israel, and other countries will meet to chart a new course for the international conservative movement at the second European National Conservatism Conference, to be held from March 23-24 in Brussels.

The conference will be sponsored by the Common Sense Society (US), Danube Institute (Hungary), Disenso Fudacion (Spain), Edmund Burke Foundation (US),  European Conservative, Herzl Institute (Israel), Mathias Corvinus Collegium (Hungary), Nazione Futura (Italy), New Direction (Belgium).

The conference website can be seen here.

Hazony Publishes ‘A Jewish State: Herzl and the Promise of Nationalism’ (Sela Meir) [Hebrew]

In A Jewish State: Herzl and the Promise of Nationalism, Herzl Institute President Yoram Hazony argues that Theodor Herzl was not only a political activist and father of the State of Israel. He was also one of the most significant political thinkers of the last two centuries, taking on the Enlightenment liberalism of Jean-Jacques Rousseau and offering a conservative political theory that is still crucial today.

‘The Virtue of Nationalism’ Translated into French and German

Herzl Institute President Yoram Hazony’s award winning The Virtue of Nationalism has been translated into French and German. It has been also been translated into Italian, Hungarian and Portuguese (Brazilian).

The French edition can be ordered here.

The German edition can be ordered here.

Berman, Trigano Author Groundbreaking 2020 Herzl Institute Books

Joshua Berman, Ani Maamin: Biblical Criticism, Historical Truth, and the Thirteen Principles of Faith (Koren) is the first full-length scholarly treatment of academic study of the Bible by an Orthodox thinker, offering the believing Jew an academically and traditionally based approach of spiritual and intellectual integrity.

Shmuel Trigano, The Jewish State: Beyond Normalization (Carmel) [Hebrew] looks beyond exemplary success of state-building and explores the question of whether the Zionist enterprise is supposed to achieve normalization.

The Herzl Institute co-sponsors “God, Honor, Country: President Ronald Reagan, Pope John Paul II, and the Freedom of Nations—A National Conservatism Conference”

This international conference in Rome sought to answer this question. It is John Paul II’s centennial year, and we will begin by revisiting the historic alliance between an American President and a Polish Pope that defeated Communism and succeeded in re-establishing national independence, self-determination, and religious freedom in Eastern Europe after 1989.

The conference will be sponsored by the Bow Group (UK), Center for European Renewal (Netherlands), Danube Institute (Hungary), Edmund Burke Foundation (US), Herzl Institute (Israel), International Reagan Thatcher Society (US), and Nazione Futura (Italy).

“God, Honor, Country: President Ronald Reagan, Pope John Paul II, and the Freedom of Nations—A National Conservatism Conference” website.

‘The Virtue of Nationalism’ Wins ISI’s 2019 Conservative Book of the Year Award

The Intercollegiate Studies Institute (ISI) awarded its 2019 Conservative Book of the Year Award to Yoram Hazony’s The Virtue of Nationalism. The ceremony was held on March 30, 2019 in Chicago. You can see Hazony’s acceptance speech here.

Hazony and Johnson, Leiter, Weinstein Author Pioneering 2018 Herzl Institute Books

In recent months, Herzl Institute scholars have published books that reframe our understanding of the Western world and religion. The Institute’s 2018 books are:

Yoram Hazony and Dru Johnson (eds.), The Question of God’s Perfection (Brill) edited a volume that critically examines the theology of perfect being in light of the Hebrew Bible and classical rabbinic sources. Leading scholars from the Jewish and Christian traditions contributed to this deep study.

Yechiel Leiter, John Locke’s Political Philosophy and the Hebrew Bible (Cambridge) demonstrates the persistent relevance of the biblical political narrative to modernity. Surprisingly, John Locke’s treatises on government make frequent reference to the Hebrew Bible, while references to the New Testament are almost completely absent. This book will generate interest among students of Locke and political theory; philosophy and early modern history; and within Bible study communities.

Joshua Weinstein, Plato’s Threefold City and Soul (Cambridge) argues that, for Plato, determination and fortitude are not just expressions of our passionate or emotional natures, but also play an essential role in the rational agency of persons and polities. The productive synergy of our tendencies and capacities becomes fully evident only in the justice of a self-sufficient political community.

Hazony Publishes ‘The Virtue of Nationalism’ (Basic Books)

In the aftermath of Brexit and Donald Trump’s election, Herzl Institute President Yoram Hazony’s new book The Virtue of Nationalism contends that a world of sovereign nations is the only option for those who care about personal and collective freedom. The book recounts how English, Dutch, and American Protestants revived the Old Testament’s love of national independence. This vision brought freedom to peoples from Poland to India, Israel to Ethiopia.

Hudson Institute Hosts Book Launch for ‘The Virtue of Nationalism’

William Galston of the Brookings Institute and Walter Russell Mead of the Hudson Institute will join Herzl Institute President Yoram Hazony for a launch event for Hazony’s new book The Virtue of Nationalism. The event will be at the Hudson Institute in Washington, DC on Tuesday, September 4, 2018. You can register to attend the event here.