Yoram Hazony Defends the Jewish State Law on the 700 Club

Yoram Hazony was interviewed by CBN News Chris Mitchell on the subject of the Jewish State Law. “Israel needs to maintain its Jewish nature, while at the same time being a robust democracy,” Hazony said.
“This is a law that seeks to defend the existing Jewish school system, the Law of Return, the right of the Israeli government to employ Israeli armed forces for the sake of the defense of Jewish people everywhere in the world, rather than only Israeli citizens.”

See the CBN News December 2, 2014 interview here.

Yoram Hazony Discusses How the Consensus for a Jewish State was Lost on the Voice of Israel Radio

In a far-reaching interview for the Voice of Israel Radio, Yoram Hazony discusses the reasons behind European anti-Israel sentiment; why the Jews morally deserve a state; the Biblical roots of self-determination, The Philosophy of Hebrew Scripture, and more.

Listen to the December 7, 2014 interview here.

Hazony-Sucharov Debate: Live webcast of Jewish State Law debate sponsored by CIJA & Jewish Federations of Canada

Yoram Hazony will present the case for a Jewish State law in a live webcast debate sponsored by the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs and the Jewish Federations of Canada. The webcast will air on Wednesday, December 10 at 2pm Eastern time.

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The Herzl Institute Hosts Professor Robert Howse of NYU Law

On Tuesday, December 16, The Herzl Institute will host Professor Robert Howse of NYU Law to discuss his controversial new book, Leo Strauss, Man of Peace (Cambridge University Press, 2014). The discussion will be moderated by Meirav Jones and will take place at 10am. RSVP necessary. More information can be found here:

Yoram Hazony on the Jewish State Law

Herzl Institute President Yoram Hazony writes on the Jewish State Law and explores its ramifications in the context of the crisis of legitimacy that has battered all the states in the Middle East.

Read in English in the Times of Israel
Read in Hebrew on Mida

Jewish Philosophical Theology: Request for Proposals

The Herzl Institute in Jerusalem, in collaboration with the John Templeton Foundation, invites proposals for a funding initiative in “Jewish Philosophical Theology.” Our aim is to encourage research from both new and established scholars working on philosophical projects in the area of Jewish theology. We anticipate applications from philosophers interested in Jewish theology, but welcome applicants from other areas including Hebrew Bible and rabbinics, Jewish Studies and allied disciplines. more information

Shmuel Trigano Publishes Path Breaking New Book of Jewish Philosophy

Senior Fellow Shmuel Trigano has published Hebraism: A Philosophy – Toward a New Jewish Thought [French]. His work is premised on the idea that thought is inextricably linked to the language in which it is formed. “If Western philosophy is inseparable from Greek language”, Trigano asks, “of what type is the thought which is formed in the Hebrew language?”

Shmuel Trigano’s book throws new light on ontology. It ushers in a new way to philosophize, born in company with Greek language without however referring to it. Beyond Greek Philosophy and also classical Jewish Philosophy, it opens a new Jewish path into philosophy.

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The John Templeton Foundation Awards $2.2 Million Grant in Jewish Theology to the Herzl Institute

The grant will support research into basic theological questions, workshops for doctoral students and rabbinic students, as well as other allied activities.

Press release
See the Washington Post‘s coverage of the grant.

Herzl Institute Partners with King’s College to Offer Hebraic Heritage Summer Semester in Jerusalem

The Herzl Institute will offer a 9-credit summer semester on “Biblical Philosophy and Hebraic Heritage” in Jerusalem this summer for Christian students to explore the value of the “Judeo-“ in the “Judeo-Christian” tradition, in partnership with the Center for Studies in the Middle East (CSIME) at The King’s College of New York.

Press Release
Read more about the Summer Semester

Ofir Haivry on the New Middle East in Commentary Magazine

Ofir Haivry, Vice President for Academic Affairs and Director of the Alliance of Middle East Nations Project at the Herzl Institute, elucidates the coalitions that are emerging out of what appears to be a shapeless free-for-all of conflict in the Middle East.

Read the article in Commentary.