Academic platforms can be useful in developing ideas because of the great emphasis they place on high-quality work and careful demonstration of theories. But the Herzl Institute is also committed to the dissemination of ideas developed by its scholars to a broad public. Such work at popularizing a new idea is crucial for gaining broader traction, and involves a constant effort at broader-band exposure through a variety of vehicles, including:

Cain & Abel - The Philosophy of Hebrew Scripture Book Trailer

Yoram Hazony on Cain and Abel and how to read the Hebrew Bible

  1. Television and radio appearances.
  2. Essays in general circulation magazines and newspapers.
  3. Video clips, blogposts and other new media.
  4. Public lectures.

Recent general circulation works by institute scholars that you may enjoy include:

Rafi Eis, “Praying to the Wrong God? An Old/New Approach to Tefillah Education,” Jewish Action, Fall 2017

Yoram Hazony, “Open Orthodoxy?,” Torah Musings, May 27, 2014

Joshua Berman, “Rethinking Orthodoxy and Biblical Criticism I,” Torah Musings, September 11, 2013

Yoram Hazony, “The Christian Alternative Ressurected: Why Can’t Jews do That?” Jerusalem Letters, July 4, 2013.

Yoram Hazony interviewed by Robert Siegel, NPR All Things Considered, September 4, 2012.

Yoram Hazony, “The God of Independent Minds,” Wall St. Journal, August 26, 2012.