Carmit Feintuch

Carmit Feintuch has been teaching Bible, Midrash and Hassidism at the Advanced Beit Midrash for Women at Migdal Oz since 2009.  She also works as a psychotherapist at a treatment center in Kiryat Arba. She holds a BA in Jewish History and Hebrew Literature from Hebrew University, a BA in Psychology, and has a certificate in psychotherapy and counseling from Seminar Hakubtzim College. She also holds a teaching certificate in Bible from the Kerem Institute in the field of Humanism and Judaism. Carmit studied for four years in the women’s seminaries of “Matan” and “Beit Morasha” in Jerusalem, and for many years she learned in various seminary programs across the denominational spectrum of Judaism. She previously served as a general educator and teacher for Oral Law and Bible at Ohr Torah Ramot High School for girls.