Yaron Unger

Rabbi Dr. Yaron Unger is a researcher and consultant for the legal bureau of the Israeli Knesset, and Jewish Law Advisor to members of the Knesset and its committees. He is a graduate of Yeshivat Beit El, where he was ordained as rabbi. He has for many years been engaged in teaching the comparative study of ethics in Jewish law and ethics in contemporary Western legal systems. He is the founder of the Research Department at the Advanced Institute of Jewish and Civil Law, “Mishpitei Haaretz”. He authored “Neemanut B’Nechasim” (Jerusalem, 2010), in the “Law for Israel” series edited by Prof. Nahum Rakover, and he has edited many books on law, ethics and Jewish law and published numerous articles in these fields. He is a senior researcher at the Center for Applied Jewish Law, Netanya Academic College, and has written dozens of editorials on wide-ranging matters at the request of the courts in Israel. His doctoral dissertation was completed in the Law department at Bar Ilan University on the subject of “Fiduciary Duties: Jewish Law and Israeli Law,” under the supervision of Prof. Shalom Lerner.