Philosophy and Theology of the Bible Workshop (Hebrew)

August 7-9, 2016


David Brown is a teacher at the Himmelfarb High School for Boys in Jerusalem. He is currently completing his BA in Education from Herzog College. David completed the hesder program for yeshiva studies and army service at Yeshivat… »

Moti Eskin studies at the Hebron Yeshiva in Jerusalem and teaches at Yeshivat Derech HaShem for haredi The majority of his years of study have been devoted to Talmud, though in recent years he has broadened his study to include… »

Carmit Feintuch has been teaching Bible, Midrash and Hassidism at the Advanced Beit Midrash for Women at Migdal Oz since 2009.  She also works as a psychotherapist at a treatment center in Kiryat Arba. She holds a BA in Jewish… »

Ayelet Frankel is an MA student at Ben Gurion University in Jewish Philosophy. She currently teaches ninth grade at Pelech High School in Jerusalem. Previously she taught high school literature and Talmud at Hartman High School for… »

Ahuvia Goren is a student at the Kollel Torat Yosef and a Ra”m at Yeshivat Machanaim, where he teaches Talmud, Halacha, and Jewish Philosophy. He works as a researcher in the Department of Jewish History at Tel Aviv University,… »

Yocheved Hartman is Educational Coordinator at the women’s seminary, Midreshet Torah V’Avodah, where she also teaches classes in Bible, Biblical Exegesis, and Jewish Law. She holds a BA in Bible and Psychology from Bar Ilan… »

Avital Hazony is a doctoral candidate in philosophy of ethics at Ben Gurion University, where she holds a Negev Honors Scholarship.  She teaches Jewish Philosophy and Bible at Midreshet Nishmat and Midreshet Torah V’Avodah. … »

Immanuel Herunian serves as a Ra”m at Yeshivat Neve Shmuel High School, and previously taught Talmud at Orot Yehuda Yeshiva High School. Immanuel received his rabbinic ordination from the Chief Rabbinate, and has a BA and MA in… »

Batya Houri-Yafin teaches Bible and Oral Law at the Leyada High School in Jerusalem, where she also coordinates social and pedagogical activities and is a member of the pedagogical development team of the school. She has… »

Rabbi Matityahu Kahn serves as a Ra”m at the Yeshivat Hesder at Otniel. He received his rabbinic ordination from the Chief Rabbinate.  He is finishing his MA in Jewish Philosophy at Ben-Gurion University, where he is writing his… »

Yisrael Levinger has taught Jewish Philosophy for 15 years at the Ohr Torah High School in Ramot and in the Ohr Torah Seminary for Women. He develops curricula in the discipline of Jewish Philosophy for Herzog College and for the… »

Dr. Elad Lison is the Academic Director of the graduate seminar program for the Jewish Statesmanship Center in Jerusalem. During the previous four years he directed the Honors Program for Identity and Public Policy at the Jewish… »

Yaniv Mezuman has been the Director of the pre-military academy for religious and secular Israelis, Metarim Lachish, for nine years. He is completing his PhD at Ben Gurion University in the Department of Jewish Philosophy.… »

Yitzchak Mor is currently a student at Hebrew University where he studies philosophy, economics, and political science. He writes and edits for various publications and is assistant editor of the Shiloach Journal published by the… »

Ariel Sari-Levi is a doctoral student in Jewish Philosophy and Bible at Hebrew University. He teaches at the High School for the Arts in Jerusalem, and at the David Yellin Teachers College. He does research at the Israel Institute… »

Dvir Schwartz currently works as assistant editor of the Shiloach Journal (Hebrew) published by the Tikvah Fund. He is studying in the first cohort of Shalem College in the interdisciplinary program for philosophy and Jewish… »

Yoav Sorek is the Editor in Chief of the Shiloach Journal of for Policy and Thought. He created the Musaf Shabbat section for the Makor Rishon newspaper and was its editor for seven years. He is the author of The Israeli Covenant»

Rabbi Dr. Yaron Unger is a researcher and consultant for the legal bureau of the Israeli Knesset, and Jewish Law Advisor to members of the Knesset and its committees. He is a graduate of Yeshivat Beit El, where he was ordained as… »

Rabbi Yuval Wexler teaches at Yeshivat Hesder Ami"t Orot Shaul in Kfar Batya Ra'anana. He received his rabbinic ordination from the Chief Rabbinate of Israel and holds a BA in Education from Herzog College. He studied in Yeshivat… »